The See Clearly Method

Before reading the review below, I would like to comment that many people who order my product have first tried the the See Clearly Method and report to me that this procedure has helped their vision. The See Clearly Method is a series of eye exercises which strengthen the muscles of the eye, whereas this herbal product works at the cellular level to rid toxins, kill bacteria, increase retinol purple imperative to good vision, increase nutrients to the eyes, stimulate circulation in the eyes, help eliminate damaged tissue and grow new healthy eye tissue, eliminate toxins so that the eye muscles become stronger naturally. These are two different alternative approaches to improvement in vision.

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Read an “independent review” of the See Clearly Method here. “All About Vision” page CLAIMS to have performed an independent review of this method, however, please note their links are mainly about laser surgery and glasses which most of us want to avoid because of the risks involved.

This herbal remedy medication alternative to contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, eye disease, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye problems, floaters, eye floaters, astigmatism. This holistic medicine process can change your life.

See Clearly Method, herbal remedy, eyewash for contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, glaucoma, laser surgery, cataracts, eye problems

What Else Can I Do

It seems that people younger and younger are being plagued today with floaters, glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, far sightedness, astigmatism, macular degeneration, AMD, and other major eye problems, so I thought I would write a general information message on eating healthy for the eyes and body. If we eat more “live, raw” food which has life force energy, I truly believe we can avoid the major problems. Holistic medicine is the answer to many health problems; if we rid the garbage in our thinking and in our eating we can become healthy in mind and body.

I believe we should eat to live, not live to eat! Changing your attitude about why you eat is important in changing what you eat, thereby changing your overall health, as well as your eyes.

Eating foods in their raw state (no cooking, except of course for fish & meats) is the best. Raw foods are “alive” with energy! Your body needs the enzymes and energy from raw foods.

Years before the industrial revolution, man ate more raw foods that energized the body. After the industrial revolution, we have lost site of natural raw foods. Walk into any grocery store – most of what you see are cans and boxes! They have been treated with chemicals, preservatives, grown in toxic – mineral depleted soil and all the “life force” and nutrition processed out! How can anyone think this would be a good idea ~ except for those who are selling them! Just because this “garbage” is available, does not mean it is fit to eat nor good for us to eat. Most of it, the body does not even recognize as food!

IMPORTANT! The water you drink! If you are drinking distilled and purified water, more than likely it is acidic (all the minerals taken out); your system is becoming ripe for disease. Cancer thrives in an acidic body and so does disease. Even if you add a little unprocessed sea salt to the water you are making the water alkaline. The body needs minerals: If you are drinking water with no minerals and eating a high acidic diet, your body will leach the minerals from the bones and teeth if it can’t find them in the body. Do a google search on body pH and “alkaline forming foods”. Even the people who supplement with vitamins & minerals may be in an acidic condition if they are drinking water that does not have minerals.

Remember this guy? He knew what was important!  Many health professionals are recommending a daily intake of 6 mg of lutein from food. Most of us do not eat enough of the foods that contain lutein and zeaxanthin.  If you eat approximately one cup raw, green-leafy vegetables with each meal you would help increase your levels of these two vital ingredients that research is showing are important to protecting the eyes from macular degeneration.



TomTom 1605 GPS Unit1. How do I use the formula… ?

The formula is used as an eyewash with an eye cup. Suggested use is daily (once per day), five minutes each eye (fresh formula each eye). The product should be used over a period of time until improvement and/or desired results are achieved. More severe eye problems usually take a longer period of time to heal, therefore, after approximately two months, it is a good idea to discontinue use for perhaps 4 – 7 das before starting again with daily use. The purpose of this is that the body has a way of becoming accustomed to products we use often, whether it be prescription medication, over-the-counter products, or herbs. If you discontinue use for a short period of time, the product effect is enhanced as in the beginning of use.

2. What is the history of the formula … ?

The original formula originated in the 17th century with Nicholas Culpepper, a famous herbalist. The original formula had an extremely high content of cayenne pepper which was far too strong to use with any comfort and consistency.

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3. How long to achieve results … ?

Results for individuals vary just as effects of prescription medications and over-the-counter medications and vitamin effectiveness varies from person to person. Many factors are involved with the speed or slowness of healing, some of these being, i.e. medication usage, general health, prior eye surgery, diet, toxin buildup in the body, etc. A very general rule of thumb would be 2 -3 months for improvement in vision (near sightedness), floaters, far sightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, night vision improvement take longer period of time for results to occur.

4. Are the herbs organic … ?

The herbs are wildcrafted which means no chemicals are used in the processing.

5. What if I am allergic to certain herbs … ?

If you know the herbs that you are allergic to, you may always e-mail me for specific herbs. With this information you can consult with your medical professional to ascertain if these particular ingredients are compatible with your particular system.

6. How much time daily does it take … ?

For freshness and potency, the herbs come to you in raw form and you brew them one time per week for 30 minutes. This is the formula you will use the remainder of the week. The actual process of doing the eyewash takes approximately a 12 – 15 minutes per day.

7. Are there side effects … ?

There are no known bad side effects, however, there are good side effects, i.e. after approximately 1 – 2 weeks in the morning, upon awakening, you will notice a crusty-like substance on the eyelashes. This is the formula doing its job ridding the eyes of the toxins and damaged cells.

8. What eye problems will this formula help … ?

There are many conditions that See Clear will help:

Near/far sightedness
Night vision
Dry eyes
Eye Strain
After eye surgery (if you have elected to go the route of surgery and are experiencing problems from the surgery, consult with your eye surgeon as to how soon you could apply herbal medicine, before using See Clear)
General eye health
Eye strain
Clearing pollutants from eyes

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9. What exactly does this formula do … ?

Cleanses the eyes of toxins and damaged cells.
Promotes the growth of new healthy eye tissue.
Stimulates eye tissues and improves circulation in the eyes.
Kills infections and bacteria in the eye tissues.
Improves vision.
Helps improve night vision.
Promotes overall eye health.

10. Once I achieve results do I have to continue use … ?

Once you achieve results with See Clear, a maintenance dosage is suggested to maintain eye health. This can be done once per week administered with an eye dropper. The procedure is basically the same of leaving the formula in the eye for five minutes each eye. On the maintenance dosage the herbs last much longer since you would be making the batch in a smaller amount.

11. How do I order … ?

You can visit our “How to Order” Page by clicking here!

12. Do results vary from person to … ?

Yes, results may vary depending upon an individuals health factors, prescription medicine usage, health, diet, etc. Just as prescription medication affects different people differently, so will this herbal formula. Some people may achieve results in a quicker period of time, others may take longer. The key to healing is being persistent and not expecting an overnight miracle. This is a healing process, not a magic pill. One may need to commit themselves to two, four, six months usage, or longer.

13. Does the shape of my floaters make a difference?

People e-mail me to ask what shape my floaters were. They ask what shape of floater the gentleman from the U.K. had. Floaters exist inside the fluid portion of the eye. They are cells floating in the vitreous portion of the eye. If one person can rid floaters with this formula, it logically stands that they all can.

The fact remains, his floaters were rid, so were mine! For someone to tell you that your eye is solid and impenetrable is not scientifically correct.

14. Will the herbs do any damage to my eyes?

The herbs in this formula do not harm the eyes. Further, there are no reports or indications of negative effects. There is a tiny amount of cayenne which you feel to some extent. The cayenne stimulates the circulation in the eye tissues. Toxins and damaged cells are cleared with this process and you notice it in the morning upon awakening. There is a crusty matter on the lashes.

15. Are there vitamins I can take in addition to eyewash…?

Vitamins that are important for eye health are as follows:

Vitamin A (beta carotene)
Lutein and zeaxanthin (found in spinach)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Fatty acids

I personally feel it is best to take a liquid supplement, for example a high quality (organic, vegetable base) liquid vitamin/mineral supplement. Liquids are more easily digested and absorbed by the body. Hold it under you tongue for one minute and let is seep in, then swallow. It is the fastest way to get supplements into the body, bypassing the intestinal tract. The effect is more potent because it bypasses the organs and is absorbed directly into the body.

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16. I eat a good diet, why would I need to supplement vitamins…?

Unfortunately our good old American diet is devoid of nutrition. We have allowed the alteration of our food (genetically altered). We have been told this food is better. The food is not better nutritionally; they can produce more of it faster which makes them incredibly wealthier faster. Because of the inferior nature of this “so-called” food, there are side-effects because of the altering. Noone at this point knows the problems this has created for the future.

There are many people getting wealthy off your illness and disease! They produce genetically altered inferior food, placing your health at severe risk, you seek a doctors advise, he takes his cut (you have to keep going back to him); he prescribes drugs or surgery; the drug companies get their share! This is a vicious circle! Take back responsibility for your own health! It is your responsibility!

I believe we have been seeing the results of eating genetically altered foods for years, i.e., in the form of disease and eye problems. The food value is not there! If your body is not getting the proper nutrition, your eyes certainly are not getting it either.

Further, we not only eat foods that are devoid of nutrition, we cook everything. The body needs the enzymes and Hz frequency factor in foods. We need to eat “live” food, i.e., food that has not been cooked or microwaved, or processed! Try to eat the closest to organic as possible and eat fruits, nuts, and vegetables raw! When you cook food you defeat the purpose of increasing your nutrition and Hz frequency. Raw food has a Hz frequency, processed food does not!

Food Additives Guide

Genetically engineered food – Safety Problems. Start page

The vegetables that are grown in soil where toxic chemicals are used is absorbed by the root system of the plant. When you eat the plant; you are also ingesting these chemicals.

The very soil the vegetables are grown in is devoid of vitamins/minerals. This means less nutrition to the plant and less nutrition to your body when you eat it.

Tap water has horrible toxic chemicals that we ingest when we drink it!


When we drink regular milk we are drinking growth hormones and many other things people should not be ingesting! Click Here!

Stay away from refined sugar! Click Here!

17. What is Bilberry and what does it do?

Also called Whortleberry, Huckleberry and European Blueberry.

The medically active components in Bilberry fruit consist primarily of flavonoid compounds known as anthocyanosides. Bilberry contains concentrated amounts of these compounds which are essential for maintaining healthy vision. Bilberry helps the retina, (light-sensitive portion of the eye). Bilberry has been used to treat night blindness as well as poor vision resulting from daytime glare. It has an ability to strengthen tiny blood vessels (improve circulation in blood vessels) and facilitate the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the eyes. In addition, bilberry is useful in preventing macular degeneration and cataracts. Bilberry may also be valuable in preventing and treating glaucoma.

It may also help slow the progression of cataracts, a clouding in the eye’s lens that is common in older people. In a study of 50 patients with age-related cataracts, it was found that taking bilberry extract along with vitamin E supplements stopped progression of cataracts in nearly all of the participants. However, it was unclear whether the vitamin or the bilberry, or even the combination of both, was responsible for this beneficial effect.

In short, Bilberry improves circulation in the blood vessels of the eye, helps maintain the integrity of capillaries, stabilizes collagen, and stimulates the production of rhodopsin essential for night vision. Slows progression of cataracts when taken with vitamin E.

18. Along with this formula, what can I do…?

It is impossible for me to know a person’s general overall health and daily nutritional integrity. Most think they are getting proper nutrition, but they are not. I would suggest, if you are not doing it at this time, do a liver & kidney cleanse, then supplement your diet with a good liquid vitamin/mineral supplement that includes the following vitamins:

Vitamin A, C, E, Lutein (found in spinach), Zeaxanthin (found in spinach), bioflavanoids, selenium, zinc, fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6).

The kidney and liver are important when addressing eye issues. Herbs to cleanse and strengthen these organs are:

Liver cleanse – milk thisle & dandelion, chapparell.

Kidney – uva ursi, horsetail, gravel root, cleavers, juniper berries

Shop for a combination of these herbs or find them in bulk and prepare your own herbs and drink as a tea. Cleansing these organs will help the See Clear formula perform it tasks. You are addressing the problems from the inside and outside (topically with See Clear).

Pregnant woman should use caution when taking herbs internally.
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lasik eye surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery

herbal remedy, FAQ’s, contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye problems, medication, holistic medicine, holistic, floaters, eye floaters, astigmatism, herb

We offer a safe, effective, affordable herbal remedy medication alternative to contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, eye disease, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye problems, floaters, eye floaters, astigmatism. This holistic medicine process can change your life.

For those who want to avoid vitrectomy, lasik/laser surgery, further eye damage, AMD, eye problems, etc. and have not found relief in the medical arena and/or over-the-counter products.

We believe the body is designed to heal itself, however, that ability is severely hindered, due in part to the fact that we live in a world that interferes with that ability.

For Further Information

We believe the holistic medicine approach is the only way to approach disease for long term healing benefits. Laser surgery, lasik surgery, eye glasses, contact lenses are not healing methods.
You don’t have to suffer with contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, eye disease, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, this herbal remedy can change your life!

lasik eye surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery

This herbal remedy medication alternative to contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, eye disease, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye problems, floaters, eye floaters, astigmatism. This holistic medicine process can change your life.
herbal remedy, eyewash for contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, glaucoma, laser surgery, cataracts, eye problems, lasik surgery, eye disease, ear candle, astigmatism, eye floaters, floaters

FAQ’s, herbal remedy, eyewash for contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, glaucoma, laser surgery, cataracts, eye problems

Eye Sight Problems?

This herbal remedy medication formula is designed to aid existing problems, but just as importantly, it is designed to prevent eye disease and damage from occurring.  When used as suggested, this herbal product has brought hope & healing to thousands of people who suffer from a wide array of eye problems.  Why is See-Clear by far the best, most effective herbal product on the market for improving vision, ridding floaters, improving eye health?

This particular combination of herbs are just the “right” combination of herbs in just the “right” proportions which make it the best, most effective product yet. Other herbal eye washes contain extremely high amounts of cayenne which make it too uncomfortable to use and if you can’t comfortably use the product, you probably won’t.

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Why should I buy this product instead of getting laser/lasik surgery?

Laser/Lasik surgery as 76 potential side effects. Some of these side effects may be permanent. Some side effects from surgery develop over time after surgery. It is always best to work to heal the problems by natural means, rather than use evasive means. Further, since the cause of eye problems is usually disease, laser/lasik surgery does not address the disease that caused the initial problem, therefore, the disease will more than likely progress after surgery. Read about the risks of eye surgery here.

Why should I use See-Clear instead of over-the-counter products?

Over-the-counter products are man-made chemicals that mask problems and do heal the problem that caused the condition.  My doctor says there is nothing I can do for floaters, but learn to live with them – will this product really rid floaters?  When used as suggested, this product has changed the lives of people who suffer from floaters. People who have suffered for years with this problem have found relief. It is always smart to take a look also at what you can do to stop future floaters from occurring. Find more information HERE!  I’ve tried everything I could find, without relief. My doctor says there is nothing I can do except have surgery. I am afraid to have surgery. Why would this herbal eyewash work when everything else I have tried has failed?

This herbal eyewash has 7 ingredients that perform different functions and work together to kill eye disease and bacteria that causes eye irritation; cleanse the toxins and damaged tissues that the body is unable to eliminate on its own; promote the growth of new, healthy eye tissue; tightens the mucus membrane of the eye and relieves the inflammation of conjunctivitis; accelerates regeneration of retinol purple (visual purple) which is required for good eyesight; improves circulation in the blood vessels of the eye; helps maintain the integrity of capillaries; stimulates production of rhodopsin essential for night vision; adds nutrients the eyes need for good vision, a few of which are lutein and zeaxanthin which are know to help with macular degeneration. This herbal eyewash works naturally to eliminate the condition that caused the problem. This product has worked miracles, but must be used as suggested.

What do people who have actually used this product say about it?

Why should I buy this product over the “See Clearly Method” or other eye exercise methods?  Although these methods have been known to improve vision, they do not address eye disease which is noted by the AARP to be the cause of eye problems. Eye exercises do not kill bacteria, cleanse toxins, add nutrients the eyes need for optimal vision, promote the growth of new healthy eye tissue. You may improve your vision, however, if eye disease caused your problem, your eyesight will more than likely still deteriorate. These methods are much more expensive in price, ranging from $80 on up to $250.  See-clear Eyewash is cost effective. The 3-month supply when used with the Ezy-care eyecup and filling 1/2 full will last up to 6 months. That comes to just $5/month. There is nothing else on the market that works and is this cost effective.


Improve vision & eye health with our herbal remedy medication designed to protect and improve your eyesight by treating the cause, not the symptom. This product works to kill eye disease, cleanse toxins, adds nutrients vital to eye health, and addresses a wide array of eye problems and eye disease.

Our Mission

To offer a safe, effective, affordable herbal remedy medication alternative to contact lenses, eye glasses, lasik eye surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, laser eye surgery, cataracts, eye problems, lasik surgery, eye disease, astigmatism, eye floaters, floaters!  For those who want to avoid vitrectomy, lasik/laser surgery, further eye damage, AMD, eye problems, etc. and have not found relief in the medical arena and/or over-the-counter products. We believe the body is designed to heal itself, however, that ability is severely hindered, due in part to the fact that we live in a world that interferes with that ability.

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We believe the holistic medicine approach is the only way to approach disease for long term healing benefits. Laser surgery, lasik surgery, eye glasses, contact lenses are not healing methods.  Your personal involvement is required if you are to prosper in health. We each need to take responsibility for our own condition.



Which would you prefer?

Use eye glasses that artificially change your vision while wearing them which does not address eye disease that caused the vision problem?  Use contact lenses that artificially change your vision while wearing them, (which creates a rich environment for bacteria to grow and does not address eye disease)? Have laser surgery, lasik surgery that has the potential of 76 different side effects, some permanent which may development over a period of years after surgery? Laser/Lasik Surgery

~ OR ~

Improve vision & eye health naturally with this natural herb medication designed to promote eye heath and improve vision naturally by killing eye disease/bacteria that cause eye problems, adding nutritents vital to eye health? Address the cause, not the symptom!

There is relief with this herb medication formula if you are experiencing problems due to contact lenses, eye glasses, AMD, lasik eye surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, laser eye surgery, cataracts, eye problems, lasik surgery, eye disease, astigmatism, eye floaters, myopia, floaters, diabetic eye deterioration, night vision. If you want to avoid vitrectomy, vision problems/vision related problems. If you are age 18 & up, are a baby boomer, a senior citizen.  Before disease, surgery and prescription drugs became big business, all that was available were herbal remedies to heal the body. Herbal remedies worked then and they work now!

Since the cause of eye problems is usually disease and lack of nutrients, how does eye surgery, glasses and contact lenses address or improve the condition that caused the initial problem? It doesn’t! If the disease is not addressed . . .  After laser surgery and lasik surgery, more than likely vision will deteriorate With eye glasses, more than likely vision will deteriorate as you age, With contact lenses, more than likely vision will deteriorate as you age, According to AARP, most of the eyesight problems that occur with age can be prevented.

As we age, our eyes change, but that doesn’t mean that poor eyesight is inevitable. Poor eyesight results mostly from disease, and many of the most common eye diseases that afflict people over 50 can be prevented. This includes cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


General Information

This herb medication product is NOT an instantaneous, overnight cure. It took years of neglect for your eyes to be in the condition they are today. It will take time to heal them. Each body is different with it’s own unique set of circumstances, therefore each heals at different rates. With the use of this eyewash, for improved vision I would give it at least 4-6 months daily use. More severe problems like floaters, glaucoma and cataracts may take longer. Again, We believe the holistic medicine approach is the only way to approach disease for long term healing benefits. Laser surgery, lasik surgery, eye glasses, contact lenses are not healing methods.



Picking up a SatNav – Read This

TomTom One XLS Cheapest GPSSatNav machine – or perhaps app? UK-only or UK and Europe? Whichever your needs, we make it easier for to find the most suitable available special deals on the internet right now.

During the past, satnavs had a reputation for being poor performers and in some cases literally taking drivers in the wrong direction. But yet as technological know-how has improved alongside enhanced capabilities, these days when you put in the exact location you can expect to receive instructions, an approx. time of arrival and all of the information you will need to get to your destination.  A number of satnavs will even show you where the closest car park is or even your current speed.

Two Kinds

Unless your car is already installed with an built-in sat nav probably you will choose between a couple of possibilities, either a free standing satnav, which could then be attached on a windscreen or possibly control panel, or an app down loaded on to your personal cellular smartphone which you can then use your in-built gps on your smartphone to give you direction.


Usually the more you need, the higher the cost. If all your driving is done in the UK then a normal satnav model will likely suit your needs. Nonetheless you are able to pick up satnavs that include maps of the european countries or even further afield.

On the more expensive models, you can also get new maps at a later stage which you either buy on demand, or that will be cost-free, sometimes these can even be for the whole year.

Touch Screen

Highway safeness is very important so you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to understand the road plan, therefore it’s best to look at the display size and be sure you are comfortable with it. Most GPS Devices range between four and seven inches.

Some GPS Units offer alternative roadmap views, including 3D just like you’re looking ahead on the streets ahead of you.  Its always a good idea that even if you will likely to order your GPS through the web, it is worth trying all of them out in a store first of all. Numerous models offer a camera alarm, warning you when recognised speed cameras are ahead. All these machines typically will show the speed limit of the route, and also your current speed. Check your model when it comes to whether or not it has GPS updates at no cost.

The Models

These satnav units are recommended by the AA, however prices are varible and will depend on the place where you order it, though Amazon is a good option for you if you want to buy on the internet.

Encouraged by AA is theTomTom via 240, which also includes the UK, Republic of Ireland and Western European countries. It comes with totally free roadmap updates for the longevity of the device, “Speak & Go” that allows you to take control of your unit with your voice and hands-free calling.

The 2nd favorite is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 2557LMT, left, with entire of the european countries life time maps and traffic, speed camera cautions and hands-free calls. Additionally it guides by showing you know of actual landmarks, for example “turn left after the cathedral”. Although well rated, it comes with a considerable price tag.

Software Applications

Phone software applications have matured and are sometimes as feature-rich as the free-standing machines and the processing performance of nearly all smart phones these days is as good as the Sat Nav units therefore route calculations and re-calculations are as fast. However often the screen is actually not large enough to see the maps on especially when a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an inbound call the routing changes to cellular phone mode, which can be distracting.

Downloading maps will use up much of your mobile data allowance if you are not able to do so via a Wi-Fi connection before you decide to set off. Its suggests that if you were to use a satnav app you must make sure that you have a good display screen size and also make sure the app has voice directions.

Safety is essential consequently your cell phone must be fixed securely in an easily seen location in the vehicle, possibly in a cradle in addition to being dimmed at night to prevent any glare on the windscreen.

Two Options

Trouble is a community driven free of charge App which allows you to share driver-useful information with others on the highway. It is possible to actively record accidents, hazards and street alerts, and it even tells you where the gasoline stations are en-route, usually with updated cost of fuel. For a free app it’s superb, although it lags your journey much more when you compare it to a satnav.

TomTom UK is for Android and IOS and is rated by all the best customer reviews. It is possible to select locations from your cell phone contact and the app will start to plan your route. The app works extremely well in offline mode so that you can download the maps on a Wifi network and avoid totally wasting your data allotment. It also features free of charge roadmap updates.


Expensive Vs. Cheap Car GPS Units-Which Ones Are Best?

Every car owner wishes to get the best GPS Unit for his automobile to make sure that he or she finds his way through the roads. If you have bought a brand new car and you are looking forward to purchase a GPS unit, don’t settle for anything less than a GPS Unit that is flooded with the latest features. You need a device that is easy to use, durable and not to mention accessible.

Some people question that whether they should purchase an expensive car GPS unit or if they should purchase a cheap unit? The problem is not going for the cheapest or an expensive unit, the problem is to find a unit that has all the features that are worth the price.

You need to ensure that certain features are present in your GPS Unit and even if the GPS Unit is cheap, you will not have to worry about anything because it will be perfect according to your needs.

Top GPS Device

Here are some of the features that a GPS device must have:


The unit must have a Basemap. This can increase the usefulness of your unit. It’s just going to cost you marginally but it is necessary in providing you driving directions to whatever cache that is near you and this can be really useful.


The GPS systems that are coming these days have 12 parallel channels. These channels are useful in acquiring the GPS satellite signals in an accurate and fast way. So make sure that the model you choose has the most channels otherwise the device won’t show accurate results and it’s going to be slow too.

External Antenna Jack

The external antenna jack is not present in the latest GPS devices because they come with chips that are sensitive enough in acquiring signals within the vehicle. But still it is preferable if you find a GPS device that actually comes with the external antenna jack because it is not possible for the satellite to covered signals through the front windshield. This antenna can help if you are taking your vehicle to such a place where signals are usually weak.


When you will view the detailed maps, you are going to need more memory. So, it’s best that you purchase GPS system that comes with an internal storage capacity. This additional memory can help you in thoroughly looking into the maps.

Touch Screen

The GPS unit should come with touchscreen feature. This can help you in using the maps in an efficient way. You will also be able to focus on your drive because there won’t be any need to use some additional accessories to operate the unit.

Screen Size

The size of the screen of the device matters a lot. The size and color can help in defining the features of the maps and viewing the maps well.

Just make sure that these basic features are present in your GPS unit and even if it’s a cheap one, you can go for it without any fear.


How To Fail Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are always difficult and over the years even the most confident of candidates have failed their job interviews.  The stress of having to meet someone new, build rapport with the interviewer and then talk about what you know and possibly what you don’t know, often gets the better of even the most positive of candidate.

Top perform at your best at your next job interview, you need to make sure that you remain calm and stress free at all times.  This means, being stress free, before the interview, during the interview and after the job interview.  Job interview preparation really helps this processes, meaning that you can talk both about the company you’re interviewing at, and also the have some easy subjects to talk about that you have in common with your interviewer.

The last thing you really need to happen is that you’re late because you got lost trying to find the companies office.  We have all heard this excuse so many times.  Honestly the feeling with all hiring managers is that if a candidate cannot be bothered to turn up on time for a job interview, then really they are not serious about the job.

Candidate will typically use their mobile phone in combination with google maps, however the problem with this is that mobile telephone have a couple of fatal flaws.  Firstly its illegal to use your telephone whilst your driving, meaning that you could be pulled over by the cops on the way to your next interview which is the last thing that you need.  The other fatal flaw is that mobile telephones often either run out of credit meaning you cannot use your internet or don’t work, right at the wrong time.  This means that you’re later and probably have failed your job interview before its even started.

To stop this, you need to invest in a decent Car GPS Device.  Car GPS systems do not need to be expensive and you can get a basic but good Car GPS for Under $100.  This will do the job fine, but you really need to spend a little more money and get a great Car GPS for Under $200.  The top of the range Car GPS systems, usually are around 300-400 USD, however whilst these units are great, you do not have to spend this amount of money to get a good Car GPS.

If you’re late for your job interview, you will fail.  For a couple of hundred USD, you ca buy a decent GPS Unit that will save you from getting lost during your next job interview.  This means that you will be stress free, arrive on time at your next interview and be able to perform at your best giving you the best possible chance of finding a new job.


For Further Information of Car GPS Website Have a Look at Need A Plan –

The Starting Point Of Your Job Search

The starting point of your job search is often the most difficult because lets be honest, for the majority of us, we have no idea what we really want to do with our lives and this being the decision that will direct where our lives go to over the next 30 years is an important one.

My honest advice for anyone leaving college is to do your best to get into the biggest company that you can find.  Why, I am sure you will ask?  Well the bigger the company, usually the bigger the options that you will have to move around within it.

Let say you have just left college and have no idea what you want to do.  You join a small company doing sales, but decide that sales really is not for you, but want to move to marketing.  A small company will not have the resources to re-train you as there will be very small numbers of people within the sales and marketing teams, meaning that you do not have a chance to move.  If you join a large company where the sales team is 100 people and the marketing team is another 100 people, then actually it really does not matter if the company looses one person in sales and gains another in marketing.

There is a problem though.  The bigger the company, often the grander the company and more successful a company is, the greater the number of people that want to work there.  In a recent blog post by Yahoo, it admitted that as a company they have over 12,000 Resumes and Cover Letters sent to them each and every week.  In a small company that is not really known, possibly they will receive a few Resumes each week, but they are unlikely to receive thousands and therefore you have a much better chance of being successful, however the bigger company will give you more choice to where you career goes.

Getting into a larger company therefore should really be your top priority, but does beg the question, How do you get into a large, prestigious company?.  The answer is you need to get your Cover Letter, Resume and Job Interview Preparation – Perfect.

How To Write a Resume is one of the questions that all recruiters are asked all the time.  The answer is very simple.  Keep its short, precise and to the point.  Ensure that you have a nice profile outlining some basic information about yourself, your work experience describing what you actually did and your achievements, and your education.  One page should easily be enough unless you have lots of work experience.

After you have written the perfect resume, then you need to prepare for your Job Interview.  Again I here you say, How Do You Prepare for a Job Interview?  Again this is simple.  Make sure that you read, learn and understand as much as you can about the person that you’re being interviewed by and the company that your interviewing at.  The question, what you do you know about my company is bound to come up and if you ca only say a few lines, then you will have failed the interview.

After your interview, make sure that you send a “thank you” note a few days after the job interview to keep you in the interviewers mind.

Good Luck.


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All assistants are known to cherish their profession. They love their tasks of supporting others without any iota of uncertainty. They are never affected by comments that suggest that they are not good enough and that’s why they have to assist others. People who work as professional assistants are known to be some of the most resourceful and brightest professionals you will ever come across.

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That is why most people will never fit in as assistants due to the demanding nature of the job. “You’re just an assistant,” because they know better. Professional assistants are some of the brightest, most organized and resourceful people on the planet. That is why not everyone is cut out for this demanding work. Smart executives in the professional world invest massively in the efficiency of assistants.

For 25 years, I worked for Olympia Dukakis, the Oscar Winner, and I enjoyed every moment on the job. Most of my friends would say I was one of the few people they ever met who were genuinely in love with what their profession. That, to me was a very important feedback because assistants are always treated with so much disrespect. I was a victim of this disrespect as well. I wasn’t immune to disrespect because I worked for a movie star.

Today I run international workshops for assistants and I want to throw light on the concept of love. Whether you work as an assistant in Maryland or Malaysia, or somewhere between the two locations, the same principles are applicable.


Here are the top 10 things that assistants do better than anyone else:


  1. Assistants are known to adapt easily to new situations. The knowledge that all working days come with different tasks for the assistant helps them to work well under new working conditions.


  1. They enjoy challenges. “No” is never an option for the assistant. True fact: I always played a game in my office “How many few calls and emails will it require to get the answer in the shortest timeframe?” If it took me 3 calls or emails in less than five minutes to get the answer I sought, then I had won the game.


  1. They always underplay their influence. Assistants are always listened to by their managers and their opinions are very valuable. So never look down on them because they can be very influential.


  1. They love making others happy. Assistants are said to be born with golden hearts that desire to keep everyone happy and satisfied. They can go the extra mile to ensure they do what they have to do no matter what it takes.


  1. They are good mind readers. Assistants are always on the lookout for clues. The manager’s facial expression or the manner of response by one of the workers at the staff meeting tells them about their moods at such times. Professional assistants are experts when it comes to understanding other people’s moods. This helps them know the best time to approach their superiors and when not to do so. They equally have the rare gift of taking note of tasks that should be carried even before they are made known to them.


  1. They are good at restoring peace during turbulent times. When crises come, no matter the seriousness of the situation, assistants have a way of bringing order to a chaotic atmosphere without much ado.


  1. They are known to be master jugglers. Professional assistants are said to be able to manage up to 12 invisible balls in the air and still succeed in handling 13 and 14 if need be. All they need is afresh cup of coffee.


  1. They are thirsty for knowledge. Assistants understand the need to subscribe to a lifetime learning process in order to remain relevant in their career. Smart Business owners and CEOs understand this need for fresh knowledge and do whatever it takes to invest in the personal developments of their assistants.


  1. They have wide networks. Assistants are known to treat resources as their best friend. Assistants understand the power of connections in getting the job done ASAP so they have some of the deepest and widest networks to help them get things done.
  2. They desire to make impacts. Assistants are for all companies and managers. They derive pleasure from seeing the success of their efforts in turning plans into achievements. They never crave for much feedback, all they need is a little commendation and they can go to any length to get things done.


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