Picking up a SatNav – Read This

TomTom One XLS Cheapest GPSSatNav machine – or perhaps app? UK-only or UK and Europe? Whichever your needs, we make it easier for to find the most suitable available special deals on the internet right now.

During the past, satnavs had a reputation for being poor performers and in some cases literally taking drivers in the wrong direction. But yet as technological know-how has improved alongside enhanced capabilities, these days when you put in the exact location you can expect to receive instructions, an approx. time of arrival and all of the information you will need to get to your destination.  A number of satnavs will even show you where the closest car park is or even your current speed.

Two Kinds

Unless your car is already installed with an built-in sat nav probably you will choose between a couple of possibilities, either a free standing satnav, which could then be attached on a windscreen or possibly control panel, or an app down loaded on to your personal cellular smartphone which you can then use your in-built gps on your smartphone to give you direction.


Usually the more you need, the higher the cost. If all your driving is done in the UK then a normal satnav model will likely suit your needs. Nonetheless you are able to pick up satnavs that include maps of the european countries or even further afield.

On the more expensive models, you can also get new maps at a later stage which you either buy on demand, or that will be cost-free, sometimes these can even be for the whole year.

Touch Screen

Highway safeness is very important so you don’t want to be scrunching your eyes to understand the road plan, therefore it’s best to look at the display size and be sure you are comfortable with it. Most GPS Devices range between four and seven inches.

Some GPS Units offer alternative roadmap views, including 3D just like you’re looking ahead on the streets ahead of you.  Its always a good idea that even if you will likely to order your GPS through the web, it is worth trying all of them out in a store first of all. Numerous models offer a camera alarm, warning you when recognised speed cameras are ahead. All these machines typically will show the speed limit of the route, and also your current speed. Check your model when it comes to whether or not it has GPS updates at no cost.

The Models

These satnav units are recommended by the AA, however prices are varible and will depend on the place where you order it, though Amazon is a good option for you if you want to buy on the internet.

Encouraged by AA is theTomTom via 240, which also includes the UK, Republic of Ireland and Western European countries. It comes with totally free roadmap updates for the longevity of the device, “Speak & Go” that allows you to take control of your unit with your voice and hands-free calling.

The 2nd favorite is the 5-inch Garmin Nuvi 2557LMT, left, with entire of the european countries life time maps and traffic, speed camera cautions and hands-free calls. Additionally it guides by showing you know of actual landmarks, for example “turn left after the cathedral”. Although well rated, it comes with a considerable price tag.

Software Applications

Phone software applications have matured and are sometimes as feature-rich as the free-standing machines and the processing performance of nearly all smart phones these days is as good as the Sat Nav units therefore route calculations and re-calculations are as fast. However often the screen is actually not large enough to see the maps on especially when a difficulty junction approaches and if you receive an inbound call the routing changes to cellular phone mode, which can be distracting.

Downloading maps will use up much of your mobile data allowance if you are not able to do so via a Wi-Fi connection before you decide to set off. Its suggests that if you were to use a satnav app you must make sure that you have a good display screen size and also make sure the app has voice directions.

Safety is essential consequently your cell phone must be fixed securely in an easily seen location in the vehicle, possibly in a cradle in addition to being dimmed at night to prevent any glare on the windscreen.

Two Options

Trouble is a community driven free of charge App which allows you to share driver-useful information with others on the highway. It is possible to actively record accidents, hazards and street alerts, and it even tells you where the gasoline stations are en-route, usually with updated cost of fuel. For a free app it’s superb, although it lags your journey much more when you compare it to a satnav.

TomTom UK is for Android and IOS and is rated by all the best customer reviews. It is possible to select locations from your cell phone contact and the app will start to plan your route. The app works extremely well in offline mode so that you can download the maps on a Wifi network and avoid totally wasting your data allotment. It also features free of charge roadmap updates.


Expensive Vs. Cheap Car GPS Units-Which Ones Are Best?

Every car owner wishes to get the best GPS Unit for his automobile to make sure that he or she finds his way through the roads. If you have bought a brand new car and you are looking forward to purchase a GPS unit, don’t settle for anything less than a GPS Unit that is flooded with the latest features. You need a device that is easy to use, durable and not to mention accessible.

Some people question that whether they should purchase an expensive car GPS unit or if they should purchase a cheap unit? The problem is not going for the cheapest or an expensive unit, the problem is to find a unit that has all the features that are worth the price.

You need to ensure that certain features are present in your GPS Unit and even if the GPS Unit is cheap, you will not have to worry about anything because it will be perfect according to your needs.

Top GPS Device

Here are some of the features that a GPS device must have:


The unit must have a Basemap. This can increase the usefulness of your unit. It’s just going to cost you marginally but it is necessary in providing you driving directions to whatever cache that is near you and this can be really useful.


The GPS systems that are coming these days have 12 parallel channels. These channels are useful in acquiring the GPS satellite signals in an accurate and fast way. So make sure that the model you choose has the most channels otherwise the device won’t show accurate results and it’s going to be slow too.

External Antenna Jack

The external antenna jack is not present in the latest GPS devices because they come with chips that are sensitive enough in acquiring signals within the vehicle. But still it is preferable if you find a GPS device that actually comes with the external antenna jack because it is not possible for the satellite to covered signals through the front windshield. This antenna can help if you are taking your vehicle to such a place where signals are usually weak.


When you will view the detailed maps, you are going to need more memory. So, it’s best that you purchase GPS system that comes with an internal storage capacity. This additional memory can help you in thoroughly looking into the maps.

Touch Screen

The GPS unit should come with touchscreen feature. This can help you in using the maps in an efficient way. You will also be able to focus on your drive because there won’t be any need to use some additional accessories to operate the unit.

Screen Size

The size of the screen of the device matters a lot. The size and color can help in defining the features of the maps and viewing the maps well.

Just make sure that these basic features are present in your GPS unit and even if it’s a cheap one, you can go for it without any fear.