TomTom 1605 GPS Unit1. How do I use the formula… ?

The formula is used as an eyewash with an eye cup. Suggested use is daily (once per day), five minutes each eye (fresh formula each eye). The product should be used over a period of time until improvement and/or desired results are achieved. More severe eye problems usually take a longer period of time to heal, therefore, after approximately two months, it is a good idea to discontinue use for perhaps 4 – 7 das before starting again with daily use. The purpose of this is that the body has a way of becoming accustomed to products we use often, whether it be prescription medication, over-the-counter products, or herbs. If you discontinue use for a short period of time, the product effect is enhanced as in the beginning of use.

2. What is the history of the formula … ?

The original formula originated in the 17th century with Nicholas Culpepper, a famous herbalist. The original formula had an extremely high content of cayenne pepper which was far too strong to use with any comfort and consistency.

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3. How long to achieve results … ?

Results for individuals vary just as effects of prescription medications and over-the-counter medications and vitamin effectiveness varies from person to person. Many factors are involved with the speed or slowness of healing, some of these being, i.e. medication usage, general health, prior eye surgery, diet, toxin buildup in the body, etc. A very general rule of thumb would be 2 -3 months for improvement in vision (near sightedness), floaters, far sightedness, glaucoma, cataracts, night vision improvement take longer period of time for results to occur.

4. Are the herbs organic … ?

The herbs are wildcrafted which means no chemicals are used in the processing.

5. What if I am allergic to certain herbs … ?

If you know the herbs that you are allergic to, you may always e-mail me for specific herbs. With this information you can consult with your medical professional to ascertain if these particular ingredients are compatible with your particular system.

6. How much time daily does it take … ?

For freshness and potency, the herbs come to you in raw form and you brew them one time per week for 30 minutes. This is the formula you will use the remainder of the week. The actual process of doing the eyewash takes approximately a 12 – 15 minutes per day.

7. Are there side effects … ?

There are no known bad side effects, however, there are good side effects, i.e. after approximately 1 – 2 weeks in the morning, upon awakening, you will notice a crusty-like substance on the eyelashes. This is the formula doing its job ridding the eyes of the toxins and damaged cells.

8. What eye problems will this formula help … ?

There are many conditions that See Clear will help:

Near/far sightedness
Night vision
Dry eyes
Eye Strain
After eye surgery (if you have elected to go the route of surgery and are experiencing problems from the surgery, consult with your eye surgeon as to how soon you could apply herbal medicine, before using See Clear)
General eye health
Eye strain
Clearing pollutants from eyes

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9. What exactly does this formula do … ?

Cleanses the eyes of toxins and damaged cells.
Promotes the growth of new healthy eye tissue.
Stimulates eye tissues and improves circulation in the eyes.
Kills infections and bacteria in the eye tissues.
Improves vision.
Helps improve night vision.
Promotes overall eye health.

10. Once I achieve results do I have to continue use … ?

Once you achieve results with See Clear, a maintenance dosage is suggested to maintain eye health. This can be done once per week administered with an eye dropper. The procedure is basically the same of leaving the formula in the eye for five minutes each eye. On the maintenance dosage the herbs last much longer since you would be making the batch in a smaller amount.

11. How do I order … ?

You can visit our “How to Order” Page by clicking here!

12. Do results vary from person to … ?

Yes, results may vary depending upon an individuals health factors, prescription medicine usage, health, diet, etc. Just as prescription medication affects different people differently, so will this herbal formula. Some people may achieve results in a quicker period of time, others may take longer. The key to healing is being persistent and not expecting an overnight miracle. This is a healing process, not a magic pill. One may need to commit themselves to two, four, six months usage, or longer.

13. Does the shape of my floaters make a difference?

People e-mail me to ask what shape my floaters were. They ask what shape of floater the gentleman from the U.K. had. Floaters exist inside the fluid portion of the eye. They are cells floating in the vitreous portion of the eye. If one person can rid floaters with this formula, it logically stands that they all can.

The fact remains, his floaters were rid, so were mine! For someone to tell you that your eye is solid and impenetrable is not scientifically correct.

14. Will the herbs do any damage to my eyes?

The herbs in this formula do not harm the eyes. Further, there are no reports or indications of negative effects. There is a tiny amount of cayenne which you feel to some extent. The cayenne stimulates the circulation in the eye tissues. Toxins and damaged cells are cleared with this process and you notice it in the morning upon awakening. There is a crusty matter on the lashes.

15. Are there vitamins I can take in addition to eyewash…?

Vitamins that are important for eye health are as follows:

Vitamin A (beta carotene)
Lutein and zeaxanthin (found in spinach)
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
Fatty acids

I personally feel it is best to take a liquid supplement, for example a high quality (organic, vegetable base) liquid vitamin/mineral supplement. Liquids are more easily digested and absorbed by the body. Hold it under you tongue for one minute and let is seep in, then swallow. It is the fastest way to get supplements into the body, bypassing the intestinal tract. The effect is more potent because it bypasses the organs and is absorbed directly into the body.

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16. I eat a good diet, why would I need to supplement vitamins…?

Unfortunately our good old American diet is devoid of nutrition. We have allowed the alteration of our food (genetically altered). We have been told this food is better. The food is not better nutritionally; they can produce more of it faster which makes them incredibly wealthier faster. Because of the inferior nature of this “so-called” food, there are side-effects because of the altering. Noone at this point knows the problems this has created for the future.

There are many people getting wealthy off your illness and disease! They produce genetically altered inferior food, placing your health at severe risk, you seek a doctors advise, he takes his cut (you have to keep going back to him); he prescribes drugs or surgery; the drug companies get their share! This is a vicious circle! Take back responsibility for your own health! It is your responsibility!

I believe we have been seeing the results of eating genetically altered foods for years, i.e., in the form of disease and eye problems. The food value is not there! If your body is not getting the proper nutrition, your eyes certainly are not getting it either.

Further, we not only eat foods that are devoid of nutrition, we cook everything. The body needs the enzymes and Hz frequency factor in foods. We need to eat “live” food, i.e., food that has not been cooked or microwaved, or processed! Try to eat the closest to organic as possible and eat fruits, nuts, and vegetables raw! When you cook food you defeat the purpose of increasing your nutrition and Hz frequency. Raw food has a Hz frequency, processed food does not!

Food Additives Guide

Genetically engineered food – Safety Problems. Start page

The vegetables that are grown in soil where toxic chemicals are used is absorbed by the root system of the plant. When you eat the plant; you are also ingesting these chemicals.

The very soil the vegetables are grown in is devoid of vitamins/minerals. This means less nutrition to the plant and less nutrition to your body when you eat it.

Tap water has horrible toxic chemicals that we ingest when we drink it!


When we drink regular milk we are drinking growth hormones and many other things people should not be ingesting! Click Here!

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17. What is Bilberry and what does it do?

Also called Whortleberry, Huckleberry and European Blueberry.

The medically active components in Bilberry fruit consist primarily of flavonoid compounds known as anthocyanosides. Bilberry contains concentrated amounts of these compounds which are essential for maintaining healthy vision. Bilberry helps the retina, (light-sensitive portion of the eye). Bilberry has been used to treat night blindness as well as poor vision resulting from daytime glare. It has an ability to strengthen tiny blood vessels (improve circulation in blood vessels) and facilitate the delivery of oxygen-rich blood to the eyes. In addition, bilberry is useful in preventing macular degeneration and cataracts. Bilberry may also be valuable in preventing and treating glaucoma.

It may also help slow the progression of cataracts, a clouding in the eye’s lens that is common in older people. In a study of 50 patients with age-related cataracts, it was found that taking bilberry extract along with vitamin E supplements stopped progression of cataracts in nearly all of the participants. However, it was unclear whether the vitamin or the bilberry, or even the combination of both, was responsible for this beneficial effect.

In short, Bilberry improves circulation in the blood vessels of the eye, helps maintain the integrity of capillaries, stabilizes collagen, and stimulates the production of rhodopsin essential for night vision. Slows progression of cataracts when taken with vitamin E.

18. Along with this formula, what can I do…?

It is impossible for me to know a person’s general overall health and daily nutritional integrity. Most think they are getting proper nutrition, but they are not. I would suggest, if you are not doing it at this time, do a liver & kidney cleanse, then supplement your diet with a good liquid vitamin/mineral supplement that includes the following vitamins:

Vitamin A, C, E, Lutein (found in spinach), Zeaxanthin (found in spinach), bioflavanoids, selenium, zinc, fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6).

The kidney and liver are important when addressing eye issues. Herbs to cleanse and strengthen these organs are:

Liver cleanse – milk thisle & dandelion, chapparell.

Kidney – uva ursi, horsetail, gravel root, cleavers, juniper berries

Shop for a combination of these herbs or find them in bulk and prepare your own herbs and drink as a tea. Cleansing these organs will help the See Clear formula perform it tasks. You are addressing the problems from the inside and outside (topically with See Clear).

Pregnant woman should use caution when taking herbs internally.
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We believe the body is designed to heal itself, however, that ability is severely hindered, due in part to the fact that we live in a world that interferes with that ability.

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We believe the holistic medicine approach is the only way to approach disease for long term healing benefits. Laser surgery, lasik surgery, eye glasses, contact lenses are not healing methods.
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lasik eye surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery

This herbal remedy medication alternative to contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, eye disease, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye problems, floaters, eye floaters, astigmatism. This holistic medicine process can change your life.
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