How To Fail Your Next Job Interview

Job interviews are always difficult and over the years even the most confident of candidates have failed their job interviews.  The stress of having to meet someone new, build rapport with the interviewer and then talk about what you know and possibly what you don’t know, often gets the better of even the most positive of candidate.

Top perform at your best at your next job interview, you need to make sure that you remain calm and stress free at all times.  This means, being stress free, before the interview, during the interview and after the job interview.  Job interview preparation really helps this processes, meaning that you can talk both about the company you’re interviewing at, and also the have some easy subjects to talk about that you have in common with your interviewer.

The last thing you really need to happen is that you’re late because you got lost trying to find the companies office.  We have all heard this excuse so many times.  Honestly the feeling with all hiring managers is that if a candidate cannot be bothered to turn up on time for a job interview, then really they are not serious about the job.

Candidate will typically use their mobile phone in combination with google maps, however the problem with this is that mobile telephone have a couple of fatal flaws.  Firstly its illegal to use your telephone whilst your driving, meaning that you could be pulled over by the cops on the way to your next interview which is the last thing that you need.  The other fatal flaw is that mobile telephones often either run out of credit meaning you cannot use your internet or don’t work, right at the wrong time.  This means that you’re later and probably have failed your job interview before its even started.

To stop this, you need to invest in a decent Car GPS Device.  Car GPS systems do not need to be expensive and you can get a basic but good Car GPS for Under $100.  This will do the job fine, but you really need to spend a little more money and get a great Car GPS for Under $200.  The top of the range Car GPS systems, usually are around 300-400 USD, however whilst these units are great, you do not have to spend this amount of money to get a good Car GPS.

If you’re late for your job interview, you will fail.  For a couple of hundred USD, you ca buy a decent GPS Unit that will save you from getting lost during your next job interview.  This means that you will be stress free, arrive on time at your next interview and be able to perform at your best giving you the best possible chance of finding a new job.


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