The See Clearly Method

Before reading the review below, I would like to comment that many people who order my product have first tried the the See Clearly Method and report to me that this procedure has helped their vision. The See Clearly Method is a series of eye exercises which strengthen the muscles of the eye, whereas this herbal product works at the cellular level to rid toxins, kill bacteria, increase retinol purple imperative to good vision, increase nutrients to the eyes, stimulate circulation in the eyes, help eliminate damaged tissue and grow new healthy eye tissue, eliminate toxins so that the eye muscles become stronger naturally. These are two different alternative approaches to improvement in vision.

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Read an “independent review” of the See Clearly Method here. “All About Vision” page CLAIMS to have performed an independent review of this method, however, please note their links are mainly about laser surgery and glasses which most of us want to avoid because of the risks involved.

This herbal remedy medication alternative to contact lenses, eye glasses, amd, eye disease, lasik surgery, glaucoma, laser surgery, macular degeneration, cataracts, eye problems, floaters, eye floaters, astigmatism. This holistic medicine process can change your life.

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What Else Can I Do

It seems that people younger and younger are being plagued today with floaters, glaucoma, cataracts, myopia, far sightedness, astigmatism, macular degeneration, AMD, and other major eye problems, so I thought I would write a general information message on eating healthy for the eyes and body. If we eat more “live, raw” food which has life force energy, I truly believe we can avoid the major problems. Holistic medicine is the answer to many health problems; if we rid the garbage in our thinking and in our eating we can become healthy in mind and body.

I believe we should eat to live, not live to eat! Changing your attitude about why you eat is important in changing what you eat, thereby changing your overall health, as well as your eyes.

Eating foods in their raw state (no cooking, except of course for fish & meats) is the best. Raw foods are “alive” with energy! Your body needs the enzymes and energy from raw foods.

Years before the industrial revolution, man ate more raw foods that energized the body. After the industrial revolution, we have lost site of natural raw foods. Walk into any grocery store – most of what you see are cans and boxes! They have been treated with chemicals, preservatives, grown in toxic – mineral depleted soil and all the “life force” and nutrition processed out! How can anyone think this would be a good idea ~ except for those who are selling them! Just because this “garbage” is available, does not mean it is fit to eat nor good for us to eat. Most of it, the body does not even recognize as food!

IMPORTANT! The water you drink! If you are drinking distilled and purified water, more than likely it is acidic (all the minerals taken out); your system is becoming ripe for disease. Cancer thrives in an acidic body and so does disease. Even if you add a little unprocessed sea salt to the water you are making the water alkaline. The body needs minerals: If you are drinking water with no minerals and eating a high acidic diet, your body will leach the minerals from the bones and teeth if it can’t find them in the body. Do a google search on body pH and “alkaline forming foods”. Even the people who supplement with vitamins & minerals may be in an acidic condition if they are drinking water that does not have minerals.

Remember this guy? He knew what was important!  Many health professionals are recommending a daily intake of 6 mg of lutein from food. Most of us do not eat enough of the foods that contain lutein and zeaxanthin.  If you eat approximately one cup raw, green-leafy vegetables with each meal you would help increase your levels of these two vital ingredients that research is showing are important to protecting the eyes from macular degeneration.