The Starting Point Of Your Job Search

The starting point of your job search is often the most difficult because lets be honest, for the majority of us, we have no idea what we really want to do with our lives and this being the decision that will direct where our lives go to over the next 30 years is an important one.

My honest advice for anyone leaving college is to do your best to get into the biggest company that you can find.  Why, I am sure you will ask?  Well the bigger the company, usually the bigger the options that you will have to move around within it.

Let say you have just left college and have no idea what you want to do.  You join a small company doing sales, but decide that sales really is not for you, but want to move to marketing.  A small company will not have the resources to re-train you as there will be very small numbers of people within the sales and marketing teams, meaning that you do not have a chance to move.  If you join a large company where the sales team is 100 people and the marketing team is another 100 people, then actually it really does not matter if the company looses one person in sales and gains another in marketing.

There is a problem though.  The bigger the company, often the grander the company and more successful a company is, the greater the number of people that want to work there.  In a recent blog post by Yahoo, it admitted that as a company they have over 12,000 Resumes and Cover Letters sent to them each and every week.  In a small company that is not really known, possibly they will receive a few Resumes each week, but they are unlikely to receive thousands and therefore you have a much better chance of being successful, however the bigger company will give you more choice to where you career goes.

Getting into a larger company therefore should really be your top priority, but does beg the question, How do you get into a large, prestigious company?.  The answer is you need to get your Cover Letter, Resume and Job Interview Preparation – Perfect.

How To Write a Resume is one of the questions that all recruiters are asked all the time.  The answer is very simple.  Keep its short, precise and to the point.  Ensure that you have a nice profile outlining some basic information about yourself, your work experience describing what you actually did and your achievements, and your education.  One page should easily be enough unless you have lots of work experience.

After you have written the perfect resume, then you need to prepare for your Job Interview.  Again I here you say, How Do You Prepare for a Job Interview?  Again this is simple.  Make sure that you read, learn and understand as much as you can about the person that you’re being interviewed by and the company that your interviewing at.  The question, what you do you know about my company is bound to come up and if you ca only say a few lines, then you will have failed the interview.

After your interview, make sure that you send a “thank you” note a few days after the job interview to keep you in the interviewers mind.

Good Luck.


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