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All assistants are known to cherish their profession. They love their tasks of supporting others without any iota of uncertainty. They are never affected by comments that suggest that they are not good enough and that’s why they have to assist others. People who work as professional assistants are known to be some of the most resourceful and brightest professionals you will ever come across.

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That is why most people will never fit in as assistants due to the demanding nature of the job. “You’re just an assistant,” because they know better. Professional assistants are some of the brightest, most organized and resourceful people on the planet. That is why not everyone is cut out for this demanding work. Smart executives in the professional world invest massively in the efficiency of assistants.

For 25 years, I worked for Olympia Dukakis, the Oscar Winner, and I enjoyed every moment on the job. Most of my friends would say I was one of the few people they ever met who were genuinely in love with what their profession. That, to me was a very important feedback because assistants are always treated with so much disrespect. I was a victim of this disrespect as well. I wasn’t immune to disrespect because I worked for a movie star.

Today I run international workshops for assistants and I want to throw light on the concept of love. Whether you work as an assistant in Maryland or Malaysia, or somewhere between the two locations, the same principles are applicable.


Here are the top 10 things that assistants do better than anyone else:


  1. Assistants are known to adapt easily to new situations. The knowledge that all working days come with different tasks for the assistant helps them to work well under new working conditions.


  1. They enjoy challenges. “No” is never an option for the assistant. True fact: I always played a game in my office “How many few calls and emails will it require to get the answer in the shortest timeframe?” If it took me 3 calls or emails in less than five minutes to get the answer I sought, then I had won the game.


  1. They always underplay their influence. Assistants are always listened to by their managers and their opinions are very valuable. So never look down on them because they can be very influential.


  1. They love making others happy. Assistants are said to be born with golden hearts that desire to keep everyone happy and satisfied. They can go the extra mile to ensure they do what they have to do no matter what it takes.


  1. They are good mind readers. Assistants are always on the lookout for clues. The manager’s facial expression or the manner of response by one of the workers at the staff meeting tells them about their moods at such times. Professional assistants are experts when it comes to understanding other people’s moods. This helps them know the best time to approach their superiors and when not to do so. They equally have the rare gift of taking note of tasks that should be carried even before they are made known to them.


  1. They are good at restoring peace during turbulent times. When crises come, no matter the seriousness of the situation, assistants have a way of bringing order to a chaotic atmosphere without much ado.


  1. They are known to be master jugglers. Professional assistants are said to be able to manage up to 12 invisible balls in the air and still succeed in handling 13 and 14 if need be. All they need is afresh cup of coffee.


  1. They are thirsty for knowledge. Assistants understand the need to subscribe to a lifetime learning process in order to remain relevant in their career. Smart Business owners and CEOs understand this need for fresh knowledge and do whatever it takes to invest in the personal developments of their assistants.


  1. They have wide networks. Assistants are known to treat resources as their best friend. Assistants understand the power of connections in getting the job done ASAP so they have some of the deepest and widest networks to help them get things done.
  2. They desire to make impacts. Assistants are for all companies and managers. They derive pleasure from seeing the success of their efforts in turning plans into achievements. They never crave for much feedback, all they need is a little commendation and they can go to any length to get things done.


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