Waterproof jackets are famous for their lightweight design and compact feels to it. It also helps you to get rid of the water or protect you from rain.

Wildcraft PLUS

Wildcraft is an Indian generated brand dealing with the fabric industry, and they have a big name in the industry due to their compact and trendy designs. Wildcraft is famous for their backpacks as well.

Wildcraft plus is a premium range clothing brand that Wildcraft offers and has a premium finish to it. The plus comes with a waterproof fabric that is stitched well and is lightweight. It comes with a premium class fabric, which can prevent you through water, and it also comes with mesh linings for additional support. The double flap zip pockets keep your items safe and handy.

On the designing end, The plus uses a dual-tone colored fabric that has nylon, which makes it soft and waterproof.

The clothes come with a 12-month warranty and feature velcro crew pockets, which makes the apparel look more attractive, and it can save you from rain and your products.


Wish is a well-known brand in Central America due to its availability of products and their price category. Wish offers optimum customer service and provides premium material if we compare it with its price. Wish is a global website that sells its products through the online market and creates competition for others due to their public engagement. The Wish waterproof jacket comes with four variants and eight different sizes.

Wish uses a loose but a premium range of nylon, which makes it lightweight and well-built. It is a non-hooded jacket that will create a little difficulty if you are walking in the rain, but if you keep that aside the product works and will protect your clothes from the water engagement.

It comes with four chains that can help you put your belongings safely, and chain quality is not that good compared to Wildcraft. The fabric is very lightweight and would not cause a lot of weight on you.


HRX is an Indian brand started by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan. The brand mostly deals with sportswear and sports accessories, and the brand is very famous in India due to its Bollywood culture. The brand provides authentic clothing with a premium finish to them. HRX tries to keep the design trend and always comes out with something unique that attracts the youth, and the brand is very famous among them.

HRX Navy blue hooded jacket is one of the premium range products by the brand HRX The Navy has a waterproof layering to it, which has nylon on the top and soft woolly fiber on the front-end. You can get it from their off-line and online market. The product features a front opening style, which is useful as you can wear it in different styles, and it is customizable according to your need. It also comes with a hundred percent polyester, which makes it machine washable and can be watched easily by a kid. HRX uses the reflective logo, which makes it stand out as the logo will glow in the day and at night.

It has an adjustable hood on the back, which stands out in this category as it will protect your ears, neck when you step outside in the rain, The Product is very light, and you can wear it while you are gymming or running. HRX uses antimicrobial technology, which keeps the odor away. Even if you have sweat smells when gymming, the jacket will try and remain fresh as compared to the others they will stink due to their non-odorless fabrics.

COLUMBIA Blue and grey evolution valley waterproof breathable rain jacket.

Colombia is a big brand in the clothing industry and based in America. Colombia is priced on the higher end and uses a premium fabric for the construction, making their clothes lightweight and used by many people while they’re on an adventure trip.

Colombia provides services through online shopping sites such as Myntra or Amazon. They have a higher price category on the more top end than everyone else on this list.

Columbia’s evolution is a premium range waterproof jacket by Columbia. The development uses a trial tone color, which means that it has a color combination of three fabrics. Columbia uses a premium range of material, which makes it waterproof and tear-resistant, which is perfect if you are on a hiking trip. It uses an Omni tech double ripstop, which makes it fluffy and waterproof. It also applies at 90% polyester and has 10% lycra elastin, which makes it soft as well.

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