Shoes are a basic necessity of a normal human being. Shoes come in various categories depending upon the work you need them to do. Waterproof Shoes are very famous in suburban areas and green areas due to their facility to save you or your foot from groundwater.


Wildcraft is an Indian originated brand and are specialized in the fabric industry. They make shoes, secondary clothes, and primary clothes as well. Wildcraft is pretty famous for their rugged shoes and stylish designs which attracts the youth. Wildcraft designs very trendy products and have premium material in them.

Wildcraft Hugo is a premium range category for wildcraft waterproof boots. Hugo comes with a dual-tone finish and has a rugged finish to them.

They have anti nano threads, which means you have to tie laces but they use a premium lace, which means the water won’t enter from those ways or the top of the shoes. Hugo uses a leather and rubber finish to its edges, which makes it a heavy product as compare to others on the list. What bothered me is the shoes come with no warranty which means even if you have torn them they won’t provide any warranty whatsoever.


Nike is one of the biggest brands dealing with the fabric industry or shoe industry and is also said to be one of the biggest brands of shoes in the world and has gained its popularity due to its collaboration with NBA.

Nike Air is one of the most sold Nike shoes ever. Nike uses premium quality finish which makes it waterproof and lightweight. The ultra nanotechnology used in Nike has made it holeless, which means that there is no way a liquid can pass through the surfaces which means you can wear them while raining and it won’t affect your feet.

Nike uses compact polymer nylon which makes it well-built and easy to walk around as the sole will not hurt your feet. On the designing end, Nike designed it with a trendy design that will attract youth and middle age generation.

The design has four different kinds of textures and a dual-tone finish with a light series edge to the color. The sole used by Nike makes it easy as you can run in them, and you can even go to the gym. The odorless technique that slightly makes it fresh, and it won’t smell if it came in contact with water.


Adidas is a big brand dealing with shoe industry and clothing industry as well they are Premier specialized in sports accessories and clothing department they gain their fame after they collaborate with the FIFA World Cup.

Adidas is famous for its unique style and its minimal designs which are trendy and attractive and feel premium if you use them and wear them daily as it goes with every dress you have due to their out-of-the-box craftsmanship and the texture they use.

The all-new Adidas offers a pair of three souls which means these have three layers on the downside of your shoe which means they will not let any water to get near you from the downside.

The upper stage portion of the shoe is designed and crafted with nylon fabric which has no stitching holes in it which means the product is waterproof and can wear them in the rain and jump around as much as you want.

Neo comes in the dual-tone finish, which makes it unique, and you will give it a look if you see anyone wearing them around.


Woodland is a premium shoe seller that is qualified in the rugged department of this list and makes one of the best adventure sports shoes in the market and is famous among the customers due to their trendy looks and price category.

Woodland dust is an all-new shoe from Woodland which is categorized in the dust section actually which means that it is a rugged shoe and it will walk through the sand desert, and you can wear them around if you are on an adventure.

Woodland uses premium quality leather which has no holes in it with means that they are completely waterproof and you can wear them around in the water as well. The shoe comes with the signature color which is Sand Brown, and they look pretty much decent as compared to others on the list, and they provide you with a premium quality leather finish and thick soul which has a nice built.

Woodland uses out-of-the-box craftsmanship for the shoe as they are well-staged and well-built and they have a warranty of three years on them and are priced on the higher end of the list.

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